Johnson & Johnson Case Study

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Streamlining the WorkFlow Process with SAP

A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Centocor is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to improving the health of individuals by pursuing innovative solutions leading to new treatments and new ways to empower patients. Centocor’s vision was to collaborate with Brookwood, a long-time training partner, to streamline their workflow process and provide eLearning job aids for their SAP implementation.

The Brookwood Solution

When Johnson & Johnson’s Global Pharmaceutical Supply Group (GPSG)/Centocor made the decision to go with SAP, they knew they needed to work closely with the best eLearning experts available to implement their new workflow processes. Often, the training challenge in large organizations like J&J is agreeing on workflow, standards, and naming conventions. Brookwood streamlined the existing workflow processes and designed state-of-the-art job aids to ease the transition. By hiring an experienced training partner like Brookwood, they were able to incorporate best practices from years of experience in workflow organization.

The Key Advantages for Johnson & Johnson

  • Expert eLearning development capabilities reduced overall development time
  • Easy access to eLearning experts simplified subject matter transfer
  • Proven ID methodologies for higher learning resulted in greater learner retention
  • The Brookwood Key eLearning Advantages Vast experience and diverse skill set makes eLearning implementation easy
  • Use of industry best practices eliminates costly post-project errors
  • A close working relationship and easy access by clients shortens project durations