Pfizer Case Study

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Pfizer is a global leader in health care, and is committed to helping change millions of lives for the better through providing access to safe, effective, and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them. Pfizer’s vision was to have an online training resource to help their sales professionals use and understand its benefits and components.

The Brookwood Solution

Brookwood developed a 45-minute interactive training module to help Pfizer professionals understand why is an important tool for them and for their customers. The training teaches Pfizer professionals how to navigate through contains information which is to be utilized by Pfizer professionals only, including topics like: Pfizer medical information, clinical trials, news, and the Pfizer pipeline of drugs in development and is a resource to providers who are increasingly using the Internet to find information.

PfizerPro branding and images were embedded with Adobe Flash and Adobe Captivate files and put into Adobe Presenter. Each training topic is a scenario-based interactive assessment which tests comprehension through online quizzes. Brookwood worked closely with Pfizer’s marketing team in order to understand their needs, get continuous feedback, and generate a rapid solution.

The Key Advantages for Pfizer Pro

  • A 45-minute interactive training module created using the latest eLearning technologies
  • Adobe Flash and Adobe Captivate create dynamic, interactive simulations
  • Embedded demos show the Pfizer professionals how to use the various sections of the site
  • Scenario-based interactive assessments test comprehension