Trust Commerce Case Study

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TrustCommerce is a major provider of internet payment gateway services. At the time they contacted Brookwood, they were looking to improve their customer service practices. One such method included creating eLearning for their merchant gateway, to be delivered to their customers through a LMS.

TrustCommerce needed to find a way to reduce the burden on its customer service staff, while still maintaining a reputation as a premium provider with excellent support.

The Brookwood Solution

Brookwood was able to provide TrustCommerce with best-in-class training on their merchant gateway system, using expert instructional design practices, and rapid-development tools for custom content development.

The Result

This cost-effective solution quickly paid for itself through the reduced burden on customer service, while the high quality of the training further establishes TrustCommerce as a leading provider, and promotes retention. This program will continue to benefit TrustCommerce for years to come.