Xerox Case Study

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Xerox Hub Communications Xerox is a fortune-500 corporation formerly known for the manufacturing of photocopiers and photocopy supplies, but now known as one of the largest business service outsourcing corporations in the world. Xerox was moving to the global implementation of SharePoint 2010 as a platform for collaboration across all units and people. In coordination with this IT effort, Xerox contracted Brookwood to implement communications as part of a global change management strategy.

Brookwood was selected for two primary reasons: its ability to scope and facilitate the change management strategy, and its expertise in the SharePoint 2010 subject matter.

At its root, Xerox needed to communicate workflow and toolset changes to its 135,000 employees across the globe. In doing so, Xerox also needed to ensure high adoption rates collaboration, and provide a user-friendly reference manual for ongoing support. Principle concerns included the ability to capture the user’s attention, imagination, and ultimately, adoption of the system, while being sure to convey the essential basic concepts for use.

Corporate image was also a concern, as the program designed need to be consistent with the established Xerox culture. Brookwood was required to understand that culture, and adapt all messaging and imagery to be instantly recognizable as part of Xerox.

The Brookwood Solution

Brookwood was able to design a program that effectively ushered in the change in a fun and engaging manner, in a style quintessential for Xerox. Brookwood’s program was a tiered solution, which began as a fun communications campaign, and gradually morphed into an essential guide for system success. By incorporating various elements of media, Brookwood was able to engage a diverse community of learners that enjoy consuming information in different ways.

The Result

Xerox was able to meet its goal of successful change management, as measured by strong morale and adoption of the new system, and high levels of competency in system workflow. Xerox leaned heavily on Brookwood throughout the process, for expertise in program design, subject matter expertise, and flawless execution.