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Learn the new features and enhancements to Fireworks, the Adobe web graphic and prototyping application. The course covers color workflow improvements, such as quicker access to colors and new stroke and fill opacity controls, and user experience improvements, such as an expanded UI, an updated file naming convention, and sprite generation. The course also explores the addition of CSS and jQuery, which enhance the interactivity of documents created in Fireworks, and the addition of CSS properties and jQuery Mobile templates, which help integrate Fireworks into web design and development workflows

Cost: $795.00
Register more than a week prior to the class start date to take advantage of our early bird rate of $695.00

To register for this class, click the registration link above or call 215-643-8580 option 3.

Course Outline

Lesson 1

  • The Workspace
  • Using the Tools Panel
  • Using the Property Selector
  • Configuring panels and panel groups
  • Working with multiple documents
  • Undoing steps

Lesson 2

  • Working with Bitmap Images
  • Resolution and file size
  • Cropping an image
  • Managing images on the canvas
  • Importing images
  • Distortion-free bitmap scaling
  • Adjusting tonal range
  • Using the Align panel
  • Adjusting brightness with the Dodge and Burn tools
  • Applying the Unsharp Mask Live Filter
  • Repairing areas with the Rubber Stamp tool

Lesson 3  

  • Working with Selections
  • About selecting objects and selection tools
  • Selecting and modifying with the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting with the lasso tools
  • Converting a selection path

Lesson 4  

  • Working with Vector Graphics
  • About vectors
  • Basic vector drawing techniques
  • Changing the appearence of basic vector shapes
  • Scaling vector objects
  • Adding text to your design
  • Working with Auto Shapes
  • Understanding paths and the Pen tool
  • Editing paths
  • Creating custom shapes
  • Customizing fills and strokes

Lesson 5  

  • The Layers Panel
  • About layers
  • Identifying objects
  • Naming objects
  • Rearranging objects within a layer
  • Adding and naming layers
  • Moving objects from one layer to another
  • Creating sub layers
  • Protecting Layers

Lesson 6  

  • Masking
  • About masks
  • Designing the banner ad
  • Creating and editing masks
  • Final touches

Lesson 7  

  • Working with Text
  • Text Basics
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Special text effects

Lesson 8  

  • Optimizing for the Web
  • Optimization basics
  • Optimizing a single image file
  • Fireworks web tools
  • Creating and optimizing slices
  • Creating hotspots
  • Adding interactivity
  • Exporting composite designs

Lesson 9  

  • Using Symbols
  • What are symbols?
  • Graphic symbols
  • Button symbols
  • Animation symbols

Lesson 10  

  • Prototyping Basics
  • Exploring the Pages panel
  • Creating a page for a multipage mockup
  • Adding hotspots for interactivity
  • Creating a secure, interactive PDF

Lesson 11  

  • Advanced Prototyping
  • Prototype orientation
  • Image rollover effects
  • Emulating a Spry data table
  • Working with behaviors
  • Completing the prototype


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