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Adobe InDesign training class provides you with the concepts and skills you need to design and publish professional documents for print and digital platforms. You get hands-on practice working with basic through advanced techniques to get the most out of your experience. You will learn Type Controls, Graphics File Management, Layers and Document Setup. Whether you are a designer, pre-press professional, or just a beginner, you will find InDesign to be a powerful but intuitive page layout application.

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Cost: $795.00
Register more than a week prior to the class start date to take advantage of our early bird rate of $695.00

To register for this class, click the registration link above or call 215-643-8580 option 3.

Course Outline

Lesson 1

  • Introducing the Workspace
  • Working with panels
  • Learning the Tools Panel
  • Customizing your Workspace
  • Changing the Magnification
  • Navigating the Document
  • Using Context Menus
  • Finding resources for using InDesign

Lesson 2

  • Getting to know InDesign
  • Viewing the lesson document
  • Preflighing as you work
  • Viewing guides
  • Adding Text
  • Working with styles
  • Working with graphics
  • Working with objects
  • Placing Graphics and Text
  • Working with object syles

Lesson 3  

  • Setting Up a Document and Working with Pages
  • Creating and saving custom page settings
  • Creating a new document
  • Switching between open InDesign Documents
  • Working with Master Pages
  • Applying master pages to document pages
  • Adding sections to change page numbers
  • Adding new pages
  • Arranging and deleting pages
  • Placing text and graphics on the document pages
  • Overriding master page items on document pages
  • Changing the size of the pages
  • Viewing the completed spread

Lesson 4  

  • Working with Objects
  • Working with Layers
  • Creating and Editing Text Frames
  • Creating and Editing Graphics Frames
  • Adding metadata captions to graphics frames
  • Changing the shape of a frame
  • Wrapping text around a graphic
  • Modifying the shape of frames
  • Transforming and Aligning Objects
  • Selecting and Modifying Grouped Objects
  • Finishing up

Lesson 5  

  • Flowing Text
  • Flowing text into an existing frame
  • Flowing text manually
  • Creating text frames while flowing text
  • Flowing text automatically
  • Creating threaded frames automatically
  • Adding a jump line page number

Lesson 6  

  • Editing Text
  • Finding and changing a missing font
  • Entering and importing text
  • Finding and changing text and formatting
  • Check spelling
  • Editing text by dragging and dropping
  • Using Story Editor
  • Tracking changes

Lesson 7  

  • Working with Typography
  • Adjusting Vertical Spacing
  • Changing Fonts and Type Style
  • Fine-tuning columns
  • Changing paragraph alignment
  • Creating a drop cap
  • Adjusting letter and word spacing
  • Setting tabs
  • Adding rule above a paragraph

Lesson 8  

  • Working with Color
  • Defining printing requirements
  • Creating and applying colors
  • Working with Gradients
  • Creating a tint
  • Creating a spot color
  • Applying colors to text and objects
  • Using advanced gradients techniques

Lesson 9  

  • Working with Styles
  • Creating and applying paragraph styles
  • Creating and applying character styles
  • Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles
  • Creating and applying object styles
  • Globally updating styles
  • Loading styles from another document

Lesson 10  

  • Importing and Modifying Graphics
  • Adding graphics from other programs
  • Comparing vector and bitmap graphics
  • Managing Links to Imported Files
  • Updating revised graphics
  • Adjusting display quality
  • Working with clipping paths
  • Working with alpha channels
  • Importing native Adobe graphics files
  • Using a library to manage objects
  • Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics

Lesson 11  

  • Creating Tables
  • Creating text to a table
  • Formatting a table
  • Creating a header row
  • Adding graphics to table cells
  • Creating and applying table and cell styles

Lesson 12  

  • Working with Transparency
  • Importing and colorizing grayscale images
  • Applying transparency settings
  • Adjusting transparency to settings for EPS images
  • Adding transparency effects
  • Importing and adjusting Illustrator files
  • Applying transparency settings to text
  • Working with Effects

Lesson 13  

  • Output and Exporting
  • Preflighting files
  • Packaging files
  • Creating an Adobe PDF proof
  • Previewing separations
  • Previewing How transparency will be flattened
  • Previewing the Page
  • Printing a laser or inkjet proof
  • Using the Ink Manager

Lesson 14  

  • Creating Rich Interactive Documents
  • Setting up an online document
  • Adding buttons, page transitions, and hyperlinks
  • Exporting as Flash Player (SWF)
  • Exporting as Adobe PDF (interactive)
  • Converting a print document for online use
  • Adding advanced interactivity, animation, and video