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This class provides you with the concepts and skills to use Adobe Photoshop effectively. You get hands-on practice working with basic through advanced techniques to get the most out of your experience. You will learn layer basics, photo retouching and image editing. Whether you are a designer, illustrator, photographer, video artist, webmaster or just a beginner, Photoshop offers you many opportunities to make your images look great.

Cost: $700.00
Register more than a week prior to the class start date to take advantage of our early bird rate of $600.00

To register for this class, click the registration link above or call 215-643-8580 option 3.

Course Outline

This is a live, online class led by a field expert; and just like an in-person class, it is fully interactive and engaging.

While not a requirement, some students find it helpful to attend this class using two computer monitors. This will allow for one screen to always display the instructor's screen, and the other for you to use as you follow along with the instructor.

Lesson 1

  • Getting to Know the Work Area
  • Starting to Work in Adobe Photoshop
  • Using the Tools
  • Using the Options Bar and Panels
  • Undoing Actions in Photoshop
  • Customizing the Workspace
  • Finding Resources for Using Photoshop
  • Tools panel overview

Lesson 2

  • Basic Photo Corrections
  • Strategy for retouching
  • Resolution and image size
  • Getting started
  • Adjusting the color in Camera Raw
  • Straightening and Cropping an Image in Photoshop
  • Replacing Colors in an Image
  • Adjusting Saturation with the Sponge tool
  • Repairing Areas with the Clone Stamp tool
  • Using the Spot Healing Brush tool
  • Applying the Unsharp Mask filter
  • Saving the image for four-color printing

Lesson 3  

  • Working with Selections
  • Using the Quick Selection tool
  • Moving the selected area
  • Manipulating selections
  • Using the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting with the Lasso tools
  • Rotating a selection
  • Cropping an Image and erasing within a selection
  • Refining the edge of a selection

Lesson 4  

  • Layer Basics
  • Using the Layers panel
  • Rearranging layers
  • Applying a gradient to a layer
  • Applying a layer style
  • Flattening and saving files

Lesson 5  

  • Correcting Digital Photographs
  • About Camera Raw
  • Processing Files in Camera Raw
  • Merging exposure and applying advanced color correction
  • Correcting digital photographs in Photoshop
  • Correcting image distortion
  • Adding depth of field

Lesson 6  

  • Masks and Channels
  • Creating a mask
  • Refining a mask
  • Creating a quick mask
  • Manipulating an image with Puppet Wrap
  • Working with channels

Lesson 7  

  • Typographic Design
  • Creating a clipping mask from type
  • Creating type on a path
  • Warping Point Type
  • Designing a paragraph of type

Lesson 8  

  • Vector Drawing Techniques
  • About bitmap images and vector graphics
  • About paths and Pen tool
  • Using paths with artwork
  • Creating vector objects for the background
  • Working with defined custom shapes
  • Import a Smart Object

Lesson 9  

  • Advanced Layering
  • Clipping a layer to a shape
  • Setting up a Vanishing Point grid
  • Creating your own keyboard shortcuts
  • Placing imported artwork
  • Adding a layer style
  • Placing the side panel artwork
  • Adding more artwork in perspective
  • Adding an adjustment layer
  • Working with layer comps
  • Managing layers
  • Flattening a layered image

Lesson 10  

  • Advanced Compositing
  • Assembling a montage of images
  • Applying filters
  • Hand-coloring selections on a layer
  • Applying Smart Filters
  • Adding drop shadows and a border
  • Matching color schemes across images
  • Automating a multistep task
  • Stitching a panorama

Lesson 11  

  • Painting with the Mix Brush
  • Selecting brush settings
  • Mix colors
  • Creating a custom brush preset
  • Mixing colors with a photograph

Lesson 12  

  • Working with 3D Images
  • Creating a 3D shape from a layer
  • Manipulating 3D objects
  • Using the 3D panel to adjust lighting and surface texture
  • Merging two-dimensional layers onto 3D layers
  • Importing 3D files
  • Merging 3D layers to share the same 3D space
  • Adding a spot light
  • Painting on a 3D object
  • Using Repoussé to create 3D text
  • Creating a 3D postcard

Lesson 13  

  • Preparing Files for the Web
  • Selecting a web design workspace
  • Creating slices
  • Adding animation
  • Exporting HTML and images
  • Using the Zoomify feature
  • Creating a web gallery

Lesson 14  

  • Producing and Printing Consistent Color
  • About color management
  • Specifying color-management settings
  • Proofing an image
  • Identifying out-of-gamut colors
  • Adjusting an image and printing a proof
  • Saving the Image as a CMYK EPS file
  • Printing

Note: The lessons outlined above comprise activities typically covered in a class of this skill level. The instructor may, at the instructor's discretion, alter the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.