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This two day course teaches the web designer how to control the appearance of their web design by separating the visual presentation from the content. This class covers basic to advanced design topics including selectors, the cascade, and inheritance. The training also covers how to build effective navigation, how to lay out pages, and how to work with typography, colors, backgrounds, and white space. Using a project-based approach, the students will through the process of creating a Web page, while learning the essentials of CSS along the way.

Cost: $795.00
Register more than a week prior to the class start date to take advantage of our early bird rate of $695.00

To register for this class, click the registration link above or call 215-643-8580 option 3.

Course Outline

Lesson 1
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Understanding CSS
  • What is CSS?
  • Why use CSS for web design?
  • Authoring CSS
Lesson 2
  • Understanding CSS
  • Reviewing XHTML basics
  • Understanding CSS Terminology
  • Adding rules to a stylesheet
  • Adding Selectors
  • Working with multiple selectors
  • Embedding a stylesheet
  • Importing an external style sheet
  • Importing multiple style sheets
  • Linking to an external style sheet
  • Managing style sheets
Lesson 3
  • Understanding Selectors
  • Using ID Selectors
  • Using Class Selectors
  • Using Grouped Selectors
  • Using Descendant Selectors
  • Looking for the sources of styles
  • Resolving style conflict
  • Using the !Important declaration
  • Understanding inheritance
  • Revealing unstyled documents
  • Applying user styles sheets
Lesson 4
  • Using CSS to Affect Page Layout
  • Introducing the CSS box model
  • Creating simple floats
  • Using floats for page layout
  • Fixing column drop
  • Clearing essentials
  • Containing floats
  • Displaying elements
Lesson 5
  • Setting Foreground and Background Properties
  • Adding foreground colors
  • Adding color background elements
  • Adding background images
  • Repeating background images
  • Positioning background images
  • Using background shorthand declaration
Lesson 6
  • Setting Typography
  • Altering line height
  • Using font families
  • Changing font styles and weights
  • Sizing fonts
  • Writing font shorthand declarations
  • Aligning text horizontally
  • Aligning text vertically
  • Transforming text
  • Decorating text
Lesson 7
  • Using Margins and Borders to Create Whitespace and Separation
  • Understanding margins
  • Adding borders
  • Implementing padding
  • Using negative margins
  • Collapsing margins
Lesson 8
  • Styling Tables
  • Styling tables and captions
  • Styling table cells
  • Styling column classes
  • Styling links in table cells
Lesson 9
  • Styling for Print
  • Styling for specific mediums
  • Creating a print style sheet
  • Hiding elements for print
  • Styling for print
  • Applying complex styling for print
  • Creating a footer
Lesson 10
  • Bringing it All Together
  • Working with text fragments
  • Setting Global Styles
  • Defining Masthead and Navbar colors
  • Laying out the Navbar
  • Using columns
  • Setting content styles
  • Starting the sidebar
  • Creating the sidebar boxes
  • Completing the sidebar
  • Styling the table
  • Creating the footer






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