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Lectora is the one of the leading eLearning tools used by developers to build high-impact eLearning content. This 2 day course covers the basics of Lectora (Fundamentals and Intermediate). You will learn to create an eLearning course from start to finish. This includes creating a new course, using actions, building interactions, and adding quizzes. In addition, you will learn the best practices for creating and publishing a Lectora project.

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Cost: $1190.00

To register for this class, click the registration link above or call 215-643-8580 option 3.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting to Know Lectora

  • Introduction
  • The Lectora Interface
  • Opening, Closing, and Saving Titles

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Title

  • Creating a New Title
  • Creating a New Title From a Theme, Template, and Wizard
  • Change Title Options
  • Page Settings
  • Themes
  • Backgrounds
  • Page Transitions
  • Frames
  • Adding Chapter, Section and Sub-Section
  • Understanding Inheritance
  • Chapter and Section Properties
  • Disinheriting Objects
  • Assignable Unit Properties, and Information
  • Adding Extra Assignable Units
  • Adding Pages and Metadata to a Page

Lesson 3: Working With Text

  • Adding and Editing Text
  • Add a Text Box
  • Editing Options
  • Formatting Text
  • Text Styles
  • Text Block Properties and Style
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Dynamic Text

Lesson 4: Adding Graphics

  • Adding Images
  • Understanding Image Properties
  • Editing an Image
  • Change an Image
  • Adding Shapes
  • Add Text to a Shape or Arrow
  • Change the Style of a Shape

Lesson 5: Working With Objects

  • Managing Objects
  • Object Properties
  • Selecting Colors
  • Working With Gradient Fill, Texture Fill, and Picture Fill

Lesson 6: Page Layout & Design

  • Arranging Objects
  • Grouping, Layering, and Aligning Objects
  • Using Grids and Guides
  • Page Layouts
  • Apply a Page Layout
  • On Timer Trigger
  • Create a New Page Layout
  • Export and Import Page Layouts

Lesson 7: Audio, Video, and Flash

  • Adding Audio and Video
  • Add Streaming Media
  • Audio and Video Properties
  • Adding Animation Files
  • Add a Flash File
  • Flash Properties

Lesson 8: Actions & Interactions

  • Understanding Actions
  • Action Types
  • Action Triggers
  • Times Interval and On Keystroke Triggers
  • Trigger Types
  • Navigation
  • Exit Title/Close Window Action
  • Go To Action
  • Hide, Show, and Toggle Visibility State Action
  • Set Character Pose
  • Display Message Action
  • Display in Popup Page Action
  • Print Current Page Action
  • Launch a Program/Document Action
  • Open Attachment
  • Adding Buttons and Hyperlinks
  • Create Transparent Button
  • Adjust Button States
  • Set State

Lesson 9: Tests & Quizzes

  • Create a Test Chapter
  • Test Chapter Properties
  • Understanding Test Sections
  • Adding a Question
  • Question Creator
  • Question Structure
  • Question Types
  • Special Question Options
  • Import Questions From a CSV File
  • Question-Related Actions

Lesson 10: Publishing Your Title

  • Publishing Formats
  • Publish a Title
  • Offline
  • Unused Resources
  • Web (HTML)
  • CourseMill
  • CourseMill Wave
  • AICC and SCORM
  • xAPI
  • SCORM/Disconnected


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