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The Brookwood Learning Hub is the perfect solution for training, certification, and tracking.

If your organization or business unit is looking for an EASY yet EFFECTIVE learning management system to certify knowledge and skills, inside and outside of the corporate firewall.

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Brookwood’s Learning Hub is mobile-ready and consists of these key components: Documents, Training Modules, Assessment, Certification, Reports.



Documents allow you to provide any document that is required for the learner to read. This could include prerequisite reading, instructions, or any other information. The Hub will track and report each document that was downloaded.

Training Modules

Learners access on-demand interactive eLearning with knowledge checks. Smart bookmarking is enabled to allow learners to stop/pause and resume the module at another time. Completion status is clearly marked, so the learner sees their curriculum progress at all times.


The learner will have access to take an Assessment to prove their comprehension of the learning content. Our robust assessment engine allows you to easily create questions to test the learner. Create a bank of 50 questions and have the system select 10 random questions from the bank. All assessment results are tracked and reported to ensure compliance.


Upon completion of all assigned training modules and when all assessments are passed, the learner is provided with a Certificate that can be printed and displayed, showing off their accomplishment. All managers will have access to reports showing who has successfully attained certification and those who have not.


The Learning Hub Reports engine allows managers to see at a glance how many people have downloaded the documents, completed their training modules, and passed the assessment, and those who have not done so. Managers can drill down to see the details for each learner providing valuable information and a path for remediation. A complete data dump is available, showing all data for all learners in a single spreadsheet that can be filtered and sorted accordingly.