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As the world of business continues to evolve, the need for effective leaders has never been greater.


According to Harvard Business Review, “Companies of all sorts realize that to survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, they need leadership skills and organizational capabilities different from those that helped them succeed in the past…Employees across the board are increasingly expected to make consequential decisions that align with corporate strategy and culture. It’s important, therefore, that they be equipped with the relevant technical, relational, and communication skills.”

The new Leadership Development Series, co-produced by Brookwood Media Arts and Right Chord Leadership, is designed to provide both new and mid-level managers with the critical tools necessary to succeed in this ever-changing business environment. 

Consisting of five 15-20 minute modules covering key leadership topics, LDS combines cutting-edge research, practical recommendations, and an engaging eLearning format to create a unique learning experience perfect for today’s fast-paced organizations.  Completing the full Series will equip learners with the skills, confidence, and savvy to build and sustain collaborative, productive, high-performance teams.

Who is LDS for?

The Leadership Development Series is for new and mid-level managers looking to improve their skills in key areas associated with effective leadership.  Because workplace learners typically have limited time to devote to learning and development, each module is designed to be succinct without sacrificing content quality.

Who should attend?

  • Team leaders or managers
  • Intact teams or individual contributors
  • New leaders looking to increase effectiveness


Emotional Intelligence: Redefining the “Smart” Employee

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the four dimensions of EI
  • Strengthen your ability to identify emotions “in the moment”
  • Manage your emotions effectively under stress
  • Become a better listener to build empathy
  • Recognize behaviors that foster strong, trusting relationships


Coaching and Feedback: Essential Tools for Every Leader’s Toolbox

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what coaching and feedback are and how they improve performance
  • Recognize that sports coaches and coach-leaders are not the same
  • Identify how to guide employees to their own insights and grant them ownership of the learning process
  • Provide constructive feedback without creating defensiveness or mistrust
  • Learn how to follow up after a coaching session to ensure the performance issue is successfully resolved


Critical Skills for Managing Conflict

Learning objectives:

  • Understand that how we manage conflict determines whether it is a positive or negative experience
  • Recognize why avoiding conflict is typically the worst way to manage it
  • Explain why “starting with heart” is essential to a successful resolution
  • Identify how to control your emotions under stress and defuse strong negative emotions in others
  • Exhibit the skills associated with sustaining fruitful and mutually respectful dialogue


Employee Engagement: Amplifying Passion, Purpose and Performance

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what employee engagement is and how it impacts organizational results
  • Recognize how making progress triggers positive emotions, leads to a sense of accomplishment and self-worth, and bolsters positive views of the work and the organization
  • Leverage the power of small wins to boost mood and increase motivation
  • Identify the factors that make meaningful work such a powerful driver of engagement
  • Learn how to keep remote employees engaged when colleagues are working from home


Amp Up Your Influence!

Learning objectives:

  • Learn why influence skills are so important to successful leadership and teamwork
  • Recognize why leading by example is one of the best ways to build trust with your team
  • Speak and write with precision in order to eliminate ambiguity and reduce misunderstandings
  • Understand how frequent recognition and appreciation positively impact your ability to influence
  • Learn to inspire confidence in others by enhancing your executive presence


We recommend learners start with “Emotional Intelligence: Redefining the “Smart” Employee.” 
However, the modules can be completed in any order.  Learners will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing all 5 modules.

Pricing Options

  • Single license for $75 per module
  • Single library license (all 5 modules) for $150
  • Multi-user license (contact us for pricing)
  • Brand with your logo and customize content
    (contact us for pricing)

Contact us to purchase: LDS@Brookwood.com