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Employee Engagement: Amplifying Passion, Purpose and Performance

Did you know…

  • The majority of workers around the world either view their workplace negatively and/or only do the bare minimum to make it through the day?
  • Disengaged employees cost U.S. organizations around $450-550 billion each year?
  • One third of those changing jobs cite boredom and the need for new challenges as the top reason why they are leaving?
  • An engaged workforce leads directly to less absenteeism, better customer service and increased profit?

Engagement is defined as the emotional commitment an employee has to his or her work.   When employees are engaged, they care about their company and their output beyond merely earning a paycheck.  Engaged employees expend what’s called discretionary effort—effort that is above and beyond what is typically required to do the basics of the job.  They feel a sense of ownership regarding their work and take pride in their contributions.  That doesn’t mean they’re happy every moment of every day.  Rather, it means they’re motivated, have a sense of purpose, and are committed to the mission of the company.

In this program, you’ll learn how to amplify engagement on your team using the Progress Principle—the research finding that making progress on meaningful work is the #1 driver of workplace performance—and leverage the power of small wins to boost morale ad motivation.  You’ll also learn why engagement can suffer on remote teams and how to ensure remote team members stay enthusiastic and connected.  Even if your team is already functioning at a high level of engagement, you’ll learn new ways to keep them energized, productive, and committed to your organizational goals.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what employee engagement is and how it impacts organizational results
  • Recognize how making progress triggers positive emotions, leads to a sense of accomplishment and self-worth, and bolsters positive views of the work and the organization
  • Leverage the power of small wins to boost mood and increase motivation
  • Identify the factors that make meaningful work such a powerful driver of engagement
  • Learn how to keep remote employees engaged when colleagues are working from home

Who should attend?

  • Team leaders or managers
  • Intact teams or individual contributors
  • New leaders looking to increase effectiveness


  • Single license for $125 per module
  • Single library license (all 5 modules) for $500
  • Multi-user license and discounts (contact us for pricing)
  • Custom branded with your logo and custom content (contact us for pricing)

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