Best of 2020

Concluding 2020 With Some of the
Finest Memories

Brookwood Media Arts, a leading learning solutions provider, industry educator and technology solutions developer celebrated its 25th anniversary on April 5, 2020.


Amid all the ups and downs in 2020, there was something that maintained exuberance in our lives and kept us close to our near and dear ones. It was the virtual world that never left us alone despite all the rough situations.

This virtual world was responsible for keeping businesses connected with their staff, clients, and members when the pandemic was surging. Virtual meetings and conferences brought even the farthest audience under one digital roof.
It was our privilege to become the connecting dots between businesses and their audience. We are proud to conclude 2020 with some of the greatest accomplishments that we have had for our clients and us.

When the circumstances were against us and everything came to a halt, our virtual producer and support services helped our clients with business continuity. Because, as they say, the show must go on.


Take a look at some of our finest memories that we made with our clients

Two of the most amazing experiences we had throughout our journey were with NDRN and TASH - two non-profit organizations who reached out to us to reinvent their annual conferences on virtual platforms.


While NDRN chose to emulate an in-person experience through Adobe Connect, TASH manifested a more creative and interactive conference experience using Zoom for their attendees. As they expected, Brookwood provided white-glove (planning, implementation, and training) virtual producer and support services to conduct educational conferences for more than 1000 participants.

We designed a similar conference experience for CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) to train their medical staff. This time, we focused on implementing specific tools and props to deliver a more appealing event experience including role plays and presentations.


The next accomplishment in 2020 was creating customized and engaging eLearning solutions for organizations like Estee Lauder and Armstrong Ceilings to train their workforce. The result was a high quality product that received 5 star ratings from their learners.

Today, Brookwood continues to provide custom eLearning, web, and mobile solutions for any size business (Fortune 100 to cutting edge entrepreneurs), as well as federal and local governments.

From designing the course curriculum to writing content, embedding games and scenarios, and employing social learning tools, we develop courses that employ blended learning and self-paced modules to maximize the learners’ potential.

We developed a custom virtual platform for CPE Inc.

CPE Inc. asked Brookwood to create a webinar and webcast platform to stream, record, and rebroadcast their conferences and seminars for their attendees (the CPAs). Their current system had some limitations, so we designed a powerful webinar and webcast platform, capable of performing the best on both desktops and mobile devices, with easy navigation and zero download requirements. Our experts employed enhanced editing capabilities in live recordings to help CPE optimize them for rebroadcasts to reach a broader audience.

We deployed major version updates for CourtCall,, and Chemglass Life Sciences.

CourtCall provides a safe, secure, and convenient audio-visual conferencing application to help them streamline legal hearings and proceedings by allowing remote participation. Our enterprise-level application is a fully-functional system that improved the productivity of the entire legal community. In 2020, we deployed version 2, adding stability, new features, optimized for HTML5.

Monitorforhire and Chemglass, two of Brookwood’s long time customers, enjoyed major updates to their respective web applications utilizing cutting edge technology.


For the past 25 years Brookwood has provided exceptional technology training to individuals willing to expand their horizons and explore eLearning tools like Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, and Camtasia

Our experienced training professionals helped the learners get hands-on experience with every tool, including the best practices to use them effectively.

During the pandemic, all the lectures were delivered virtually on web conferencing software and with 1:1 learning experience.


For us, 2020 was full of surprises, challenges, and some of the unexpected achievements. Ending it on a positive note, we look forward to creating more of such amazing experiences for our clients. We thank all our clients and partners for having faith in Brookwood and we promise to continue to deliver our diversified solutions with a focus on exceptional quality, at an affordable price, with outstanding customer service.