Creative Design Services


Instructor-led training (ILT) does not always have to be conventional, especially when the world is evolving on virtual footprints. When ILT has changed to virtual ILT, then why not transform the process of delivering the training?

Why are we limited to just text/print based training material and not leveraging the power of visuals?

Your presentations, participant/facilitator guides, job-aids, and other training materials may contain an abundance of text with little to no images or visuals. Rather, it is pivotal to make the content coherent and easy to read for the participants.

If fonts are too small or if images are not the right size, then this may make it very difficult for the participant to follow along with the presentation. The content layout plays an important role in the virtual delivery of your presentation.

You are not alone. With the rise of virtual events, the need for well-designed materials has grown. Organizations send us content created by their presenters to clean up and bring it to life for an effective presentation. Why? Because all words and no visuals make your content dry, leaving your audience in a state of forced learning that has no advantage at the end.

Visuals speak more than words, thereby making the learners more involved in the training while understanding the concepts clearly. Hence, when we clean up our clients’ training material, we actually “dress it up” with engaging and consistent branding across all learning formats.


So how do we do it?

Let us show you our creative techniques that we implement behind the scenes.

Our client sends us their PPTs, participant/facilitator guides, Word documents, or other training assets put together by their presenters across different formats.

The content must be consistent and organized throughout. There are times when there is content provided without a template, logo or branding. Sound familiar?

Brookwood’s design team reviews the content, understands the branding requirements, brainstorms a consistent look, and designs a custom template for all materials.

We add impeccable visuals, purpose-based icons, and styles that are carried through all PPTs, Word documents, job-aids and other materials (digital or print).

We design impressive layouts for each slide in accordance with the best practices for virtual learning.

All of this is usually accomplished in 1-3 days to meet your tight deadlines!


What is the benefit?

Well-designed training materials, equipped with visuals and consistent branding across the content, establishes a professional environment for the learners. This maintains their concentration solely on the learning content and message, rather than the distracting varied formats of written text. The goal is to keep the learners engaged and immersed in the rich content.

Also, you will no longer have to worry about the look and feel of the content. Use your valuable time in writing the content, and let Brookwood do the clean-up and designing for you!


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