Hybrid Event Tips

There are many reasons to include hybrid events as part of your training and communications strategy.

The events of 2020-21 forced organizations to conduct meetings and training events using a virtual platform. Most L&D professionals with experience conducting in-person training quickly became just as capable conducting virtual training with everyone online.

As the global pandemic diminishes, many who had shifted to remote work have begun to return to in-person offices with many on a hybrid work schedule, some days in the office and some days at home. This new norm, makes a strong case for accommodating those who wish to attend events live, and others who wish to attend remotely.

Hybrid events, where some participants are in-person and others are remote/virtual, can be a sustainable solution with some planning.

  • Equalize the attention for both the in-person and remote/virtual participants, including the design, objectives, handouts, and activities.
  • Use Producers - ideally one in the physical room and another in the online session (both should be familiar with the technology being used).
  • Test the technology (especially audio) in advance
  • Trainer/Facilitator should be visible to both groups. If possible, display a view of the in-person participants.
  • Enable chat in the virtual room (at a minimum to the host).
  • Include everyone in activities.
  • Ensure everyone is using the most current platform software.

Brookwood’s Virtual Event team can provide the logistical support and producers and other types of custom support to facilitate your hybrid and virtual events. To discuss how we can help, contact us for a free consultation.

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