Skill Development

Skill Development Initiatives Through Remote Learning  

Remote Working is the New Normal

The pandemic has indeed posed lockdown barriers in front of everyone, but it has given the corporate world an opportunity to come out of their comfort zones.

When remote working or remote socializing seemed two “tough words” in the corporate culture, the pandemic forced organizations to adapt to these models.

Organizations are trying to inculcate the positive side of remote working in their employees.

Owing to the digitally-enabled work environment, training employees to fit themselves into the new normal is extremely important. As a result, reskilling or upskilling emerged as a new trend in this physically separated world.

To promote safe and effective upskilling opportunities, organizations are coming up with exciting skill development initiatives for their employees via Remote Learning. Take a look to these models.

Online Learning Platforms   Image

The surge in online learning platforms is evident for the fact that organizations are already into establishing an intelligent, productive, and efficient learning model for their employees. These platforms not just streamline remote corporate learning, but also allows organizations to communicate and engage with their employees on a daily basis.

Using online learning platforms, the organizations can either allow employees to self-train themselves without human trainers or prepare them personally for effective client and customer interaction.


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A business has to respond to industrial changes that come its way. However, that’s possible only if the employees have functional expertise to withstand and respond to the change.

Before the pandemic, the delivery pressures kept employers from focusing on their employees’ functional training activities. But the pandemic managed to extract some additional productive time for both the company and its employees. That said, most of the business owners are already investing in improving the functional expertise of their employees so they can interact with the change positively.


Interpersonal Skill Development  Image

Interpersonal skills reflect an employee’s ability to maintain healthy relationships with their clients, colleagues, managers, and every other professional they meet. Not only does they involve effective communication and presentation capabilities, they also focus on leadership, office etiquettes, and empathy.

Considering remote learning and virtual learning platforms to be useful arsenals, organizations are looking forward to inculcating critical soft-skills in their employees. Most of them follow a separate approach for behavioral training and client interaction to ensure the employee can intelligently master both of them.   


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Every company stands on the top of its teams; teams that have mutual understanding, synchronization, trust, and empathy between the team members. However, office politics, internal competition, and favoritism in most of the companies have degraded the value of team building.

It’s high time that organizations look forward to combining their employees into a single unit that works in sync with the business objectives. Many leaders have initiated team building skill development activities as a part of corporate training where the instructors train employees on different aspects of teamwork - conflict resolution, identifying team goals, trust building, mutual understanding, and more.


The Bottom Line Image

Skill development is not limited to a certain threshold. As the industry keeps changing with pandemics, eruptions, and disruptions, the organizations and employees should understand the need of the hour and look forward to upskilling accordingly.