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eLearning Tips That Can Increase Productivity

Over the last decade, there has been a transformation in corporate training from traditional in-classroom to eLearning which has only accelerated over the last year. With the shifting climate for learning, it is important to keep up with the new evolving methods to sharpen and hone your skills. There may be some challenges as you begin an eLearning program, whether it’s on-demand self-paced, or live virtual instructor-led. But with a little help, you can maximize the process and become more productive than ever before.

If you are finding it difficult to manage the same level of productivity while pursuing eLearning, follow these tips.

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Having a structured work schedule is probably the best way to make the most out of a given time. It is a common misconception that long hours of work equals productivity. While that sounds like it may be true, it is often not the case. To be most productive, you will want to build a well-organized working schedule. Without a plan that you stick to, eLearning will not be as productive. Especially if you are utilizing eLearning to take part in corporate training, you will have to make room for work and learning in a balanced way. If you don’t strike a balance, it can potentially diminish your overall productivity level in the long run. Having a stable work routine and balance will help you stay focused and avoid stress. This balance will keep you fresh and energized to begin your work every day and excel in your learning and work at the same time.
We all get distracted from time to time. It can be even more difficult to stay focused while taking an eLearning class. Remaining on-track and staying focused are important to make any eLearning experience the most effective. Maintain a journal to track your progress and to write down the things you want to work on. This habit will help you to focus and has the added benefit of getting the most out of the learning for your goals. Making a habit of journaling can also support reflection and help you focus to achieve your daily goals.
If you are a corporate professional who is looking to get the most out of your eLearning program, the first thing you will want to focus on is managing your tasks effectively. During your planning phase, divide comprehensive and time-consuming tasks into smaller units and follow up on them consistently. This approach will help you manage complex tasks efficiently. Keeping track of smaller units of work can lead to finishing them more quickly than expected. Organize your eLearning curriculum accordingly by planning and taking advantage of breaks between tasks.
When it comes to virtual learning, having the technical requirements covered plays an important role. Gather all the required technical elements necessary in advance - software, internet source, headset, etc. The better the internet connection, the better the virtual class experience. Ethernet cables are more reliable than WiFi connectivity, especially if you have spotty WiFi. If you do not have an Ethernet port on your computer, consider investing in an Ethernet adapter to ensure a smooth experience. Download materials in advance, and complete any pre-work, making sure to save it to your local device for reference during the class.
Removing distractions is important, but the environment can be configured to enhance the learning. For example, being distracted by noise can drag your progress down, so minimize outside distractions by finding a quiet location (preferably with a door that closes). Lighting is also very important. You don’t’ want to strain to see your screen. Same goes for temperature – the more comfortable you feel, the more focus you can put on learning. Soothing elements like indoor plants and aroma diffusers can also promote good focus. Create a comfortable environment that makes you feel at ease both physically and mentally. Overall, find a place that creates the best possible environment for yourself to work and learn.
It is essential to take good care of yourself to provide a solid foundation for Learning. Since you will spend a considerable amount of time at your computer, try to perform some physical exercises when you can, especially stretching. Meditating for 20 minutes a day is proven to boost your ability to focus. Ensuring an ergonomic working setup that is functional can prevent discomfort and pain during long eLearning sessions. Make sure to stretch your body every once in a while. Practicing Yoga can help a great deal as it promotes healthy blood flow and being limber.
If you ever feel like the stress of handling a corporate eLearning program is getting to you, remember, you are not the only one. Connect with like-minded professionals who are taking similar courses and stay engaged with the community. Numerous online platforms and forums exist to connect with a similar community. Engaging with these peers and sharing your progress can help you stay motivated. It can also serve as an opportunity for discussing doubts and clarifications as you move ahead with your eLearning course. Sharing ideas and methods with an equally dynamic peer group can make a constructive change in your progress. Incorporating tools like online study groups, discussion boards, and other forums can make the process fun and interesting. Plus, maintaining an interactive relationship with your mentors will be helpful in keeping you on track with the learning program.