Course Development

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Development of each module progresses from the course objectives, to an expanded outline, to the complete module. We offer services that include development of content for self-paced, facilitator-driven, in-class, or virtual learning. We develop courses that engage and motivate the learner and maximize learner potential.

Self-paced Modules

Extend knowledge to limitless groups with self-paced modules. In terms of ROI, there is no better way to transfer knowledge than well-crafted, self-paced modules. We develop courses using popular rapid development tools such as, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora. Usage of scenarios, activities, knowledge checks, audio and video, make these modules effective and engaging. Modules are visually appealing, interactive and cover all learners’ needs.

Courses are designed to be viewed on mobile devices for anytime anywhere learning. We have extensive experience in developing Section 508 compliant courses to ensure consistent learning for all individuals.

Scenarios and Learning Games

Real-life scenarios in the modules set paths for effective learning. Game-based learning challenges learners against themselves and motivates for better learning.

Our instructional designers study the content thoroughly and recommend scenarios and games to include in the module.

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Mobile learning is becoming increasingly common due to low cost and high portability.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning provides you with just-in-time learning on any device of your choice. Mobile learning can be used to diversify the types of learning activities learners partake in.

Brookwood has expertise in mobile integration, and can craft strategies for deployment to mobile devices. Brookwood’s content developers and instructional designers are at the forefront of the mLearn evolution, designing courseware specifically programmed to run on mobile devices by utilizing technologies such as HTML5, PhoneGap, and other rapid eLearning programs.

We have built mobile solutions for iOS 4.x and up (Apple), Android 2.3 and up (Google), and Windows Phone 8 (Microsoft).

Social Learning

Brookwood helps you formulate a strategy to effectively manage your social learning environments. Some of the social eLearning tools we employ as a supplement to traditional eLearning are Blogs, Podcasts, Social Bookmarks, Social Networks, Virtual Conferences, and Wikis.

Brookwood is trained to recognize the value of social integration for any given initiative, and knows how to integrate platforms into solutions to provide maximum benefit and improve long-term training relevance.