Interactive Instructor-Led Training


Brookwood develops interactive Instructor-Led Training (ILT) materials for advanced level Management Essentials Program.

Instructor-led training is an effective form of training and learning. Organizations are actively leveraging ILT to help their learners grasp the content under the assistance of a live instructor instead of skimming through it on their own.


A lighting control company, is one such industry leader who connected with Brookwood to develop and brand interactive and engaging ILT materials for their management learning programs. We began by understanding the requirement.

The Requirement

The client already had learning materials, but they lacked cohesion and consistent branding. The content was in place, but a connection between different materials was missing.

The client wanted their training program to be engaging and interactive to promote the true purpose of educating their learners. The purpose of the materials was to facilitate the courses as part of a larger ‘Management Essentials’ program.

The Solution

Brookwood’s instructional designers and creative design team created custom ILT materials for the 2nd level of the Lutron’s Management Essentials Program and included cohesive training materials for three courses - “Feedback Essentials Workshop”, “Career Conversations”, and “Building Relationships”.


1. Brookwood’s instructional designer (ID) consulted with the client’s subject matter expert (SME) to review the existing course, identify the content gaps, and prepare design documents with objectives, flow, and activities.

2. With input and direction from the SME throughout the process, the Brookwood team developed and designed impactful training materials that were visually appealing, engaging, and thorough.

Deliverables for each course were as follows:

  • Instructor guides, Participant guides, scenarios, activities, PowerPoint decks, job aids, and other materials.
  • Consistent company branding across all training materials.
  • Source files for the complete ILT program.
The Result

The training program turned out to be a great success and the quality exceeded all expectations of the client and their learners. The client Facilitator conducted a trial run to obtain learner feedback. As we expected, the learners were pleased to receive a highly engaging and productive training program. The entire team was exceedingly pleased with the project outcomes!