TASH Virtual Conference

Amplified the Virtual Conference Experience for TASH, the Disabled Community, and Their Allies

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The pandemic has escalated virtual conferences for good. Organizations are now surpassing their in-person events with more immersive virtual experiences.

Following along the same lines, TASH, a non-profit organization advocating for equal rights and inclusion for significantly disabled people, contacted us to help them transition their annual in-person Conference to a virtual experience.

The annual TASH Conference is an initiative that brings together individual with significant disabilitites and their allies to share resources and success stories with leaders, advocates, and subject matter experts from their community. It unites specially-abled people with people who work for the disability community.

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The Problem

6 webinars per day (two running concurrently), a total of 84 sessions with 100+ participants in each webinar, and tons of pre-event preparations - everything needed to be organized in just a couple of weeks.

Considering the magnitude and scope of the event, their main concern was maintaining a seamless connection and interaction throughout the sessions while eliminating technical barriers.

So, they wanted their Adobe Connect “Room” at par with their in-person Conference standards - an excellent virtual event experience for their speakers and of course, participants.

The Solution

This time, we knew it was more than just technical support because it was imperative to ensure that the special needs of attendees were considered and provided with ample opportunities to participate fully. We worked with the event planners to organize and deliver a highly interactive 9-day conference with nearly 600 registrants and 150 sessions. The sessions were split over multiple tracks and featured a blend of academic sessions, small group meetings, and fun social events such as a dance party complete with a DJ and games!

Here's how Brookwood helped TASH to seamlessly launch and conduct their Conference.

  • From event production to training the presenters, TASH staff, and attendees, we made it easy for presenters, staff, and attendees to participate.
  • We helped the TASH staff manage the virtual technology to ensure the presenters, staff, and captioners were provided necessary permissions to perform their roles, in addition to delivering promotional videos and shout-outs during breaks between sessions.
  • Our producers kicked off every session, starting and stopping and recording all sessions, ensuring quality audio and video, while keeping to the prescribed meeting timings, create and run polling questions.
  • Our technical team worked closely with the TASH staff to troubleshoot unforeseen issues and provide comprehensive technical support.

The Result

The Conference was intense, and rich with information and opportunities to network and socialize. TASH and Brookwood team's hard work made the virtual environment even more productive and interactive for the conference participants. The end result was a ....

The Testimonial

"JoAnn a quick shout out to you and your team. This has run so smoothly, in no small part due to the great work of your team."

- Mike Brogioli
Executive Director